Enhjørningen Fiskerestaurant

Enhjørningen Fiskerestaurant

53 01 28... Vis nummeret
Bryggen 29
5003 Bergen

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Detaljert bedriftsinformasjon

  • Enhjørningen Fiskerestaurant 53 01 28 45
  • Bryggen 29, 5003 Bergen
  • Internett: www.enhjorningen.no
  • E-post:


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  • Monica Q.
    02.11.17 21:18

    Quite quite good. This is an odd place to me when I think back about my experience. It's in one of the most picturesque parts of town and located on the... vis mer

  • Joshua W.
    02.11.17 17:30

    This is a Bergen establishment, and came highly regarded. As such, I was looking forward to it, but also wary, as these types of places often disappoint... vis mer

  • Harris M.
    17.02.17 19:55

    This is the oldest restaurant in Bergen and has been continuously in business for decades. It is housed harborside in a row of very old wooden structures.... vis mer