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Kvernevik Ring 1774048 Hafrsfjord

OBAR AS was formed in 2006 with the aim of being a reliable and trustworthy Service Company & Design House within the Oil and Gas Industry.Our expertise is within Automated Monitoring & Measurement Technologies, Completion Methodology and usage of Smart Well Technology.

Rytterfaret 41A4046 Hafrsfjord
Madlalia Terrasse 244044 Hafrsfjord
Mjughauglia 64048 Hafrsfjord
Møldalsbakken 214042 Hafrsfjord
Ospebergleitet 38A4045 Hafrsfjord
Gamle Rytterstien 284046 Hafrsfjord
Gamle Rytterstien 664046 Hafrsfjord
Dronning Mauds gate 114044 Hafrsfjord
Grannesstubben 384044 Hafrsfjord
Revheimsslåttå 64045 Hafrsfjord
Grannesarmen 14044 Hafrsfjord
Postveien 94044 Hafrsfjord
Kong Haralds gate 184044 Hafrsfjord
Gamle Rytterstien 404046 Hafrsfjord
Storlomveien 9D4049 Hafrsfjord
Olsokveien 324046 Hafrsfjord
Håhammarbrautene 444045 Hafrsfjord
Larsokveien 294046 Hafrsfjord
Terneveien 444049 Hafrsfjord
Nygårdsbakken 24044 Hafrsfjord
Madlasandnes 1394045 Hafrsfjord
Regimentveien 93B4045 Hafrsfjord
Ragveien 264042 Hafrsfjord